Running and Knee Pain

running and knee pain

Cross Training for Running

Most chronic knee pain is preventable with some basic changes to your training program. Yet, every year millions of runners suffer from debilitating knee pain. In some cases, this pain sidelines a runner for a few weeks. In other cases, the runner is forced to give up his favorite pastime indefinitely.

One of the best deterrents against a first (or subsequent) knee injury is targeted strength training. “The hip stabilizers, quads, hamstrings and core must all be strong enough. As soon as there is weakness, some other muscle or joint must take over, and that’s when injuries happen.”
-Ross Tucker, Physiologist: “The Runner’s Body: How the Latest Exercise Science Can Help You Run Stronger, Longer and Faster.”

Bio-mechanics based stretch and strength programs are essential for knee pain prevention. Runners must know when to rest, what muscles to stretch, and how to strengthen key areas. An intelligent, targeted training program is an essential tool in counteracting common knee related injuries.

Below is a list of key muscles every runner must learn to strengthen and stretch. It has been assembled as a training checklist to keep you fit, fast, and injury free.

1) Strengthen Your Quads with slow and isometric exercises
wall sit exercise
Wall Sit
leg extension exercise
Leg Extension: 4 Sec. Hold

2) Strengthen And Stretch Your Hamstrings
Stability Ball Hamstring Curl
Stability Ball Curls
sit and reach stretch
Sit and Reach: 45 Sec. Hold

3) Strengthen Butt and Hips
hip bridge exercise
Hip Bridges
side leg abduction
Loaded Side Leg Abductions

4) Stretch Your Sartorius and Groin
seated sartorius stretch
Seated Sartorius Stretch: 45 Sec.
seated butterfly stretch
Seated Butterfly: 45 Sec.

5) Improve Balance, Stability and Core Strength
bosu squats
Bosu Squats
Stability Ball Plank