Our Favorite Stomach Flattening Exercises

About These Stomach Flattening Exercises

This is a small selection of abdominal exercises from our weight loss workout library. We designed these clips to be short, simple and functional allowing you to reference these exercises from anywhere. If you like what you see and want more, check out our premium workouts.

Before you try any of these exercises, make sure you are cleared for activity by your doctor. Also, these exercises are not meant for absolute beginners. If you experience any back or neck pain, please hold off until your core is much stronger.

Stomach Flattening Exercise #1:

The Plank

Key Exercise Tip: Squeeze your butt throughout the movement. This is especially important if you are prone to lower back tightness or pain.

While the plank is a great exercise, it can actually inflame your lower back if you do not prevent your back from arching. Keeping your butt muscles squeezed will help to prevent your back from arching.

Try it now: Add 60 second plank (2-3 sets) into your workout. If you cannot hold it at first, no worries. Keep practicing until you get strong enough to do it.

Stomach Flattening Exercise #2:

Bent Leg V Up

Key Exercise Tip: Begin by pressing your but into the floor while lifting your upper body and legs at exactly the same time. Prevent bouncing your pelvis off the floor to create momentum for the movement.

Try it now: Complete 25 repetitions (2-3 sets) as part of your workout routine.

Stomach Flattening Exercise #3:

Medicine Ball Sit Up Rotation

Key Exercise Tip: This exercise assumes that you can do at least 25 stiff leg sit ups without any neck or back pain.

Keep your arms straight, your posture upright, and your shoulders relaxed. If you cannot relax your shoulders, the weight may be too heavy. Begin by pressing your but into the floor while lifting your upper body. Complete all of your repetitions on one side before beginning again on the other side.

Try it now: Complete 15 repetitions on each side (2-3 sets) as part of your workout routine.