Top 10 Fitness Gifts

Updated For 2017

Whether you are looking for a Christmas gift for your better half --or a birthday treat for yourself --here is our definitive list of gifts to nourish that fitness side. They cover a variety of price ranges and are sure to give you an extra reason to get up early and burn some calories.

1. GPS Running Watch

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Some people love that early morning run or sunday afternoon ride. That moment of Zen as the sun breaks the horizon and your day begins. But, let's face it, not everybody loves setting that clock at 5:30AM instead of 7. Regardless of which camp you reside in, a GPS running watch or heart rate monitor can make that morning run that much more enjoyable. Tracking your performance over time will give you benchmarks and goals to help keep you motivated.

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2. Music Player

Who doesn't like a good song to groove to as you finish your 100 explosive push-ups or complete your 2 minute plank? A portable music player that fits easily into the pocket or can be worn on the arm can make for a great fitness gift. It’s a gift that will spark spontaneous applause from any person with a heartbeat that likes a beat.

Winter Running Motivation

3. Running Headphones

If the music player is a bit much for the budget, headphones can make the perfect stocking stuffer for the active person. We recommend buying headphones specifically designed not to fall out as you run, jump or squat.

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4. Sports Massage or Stretch Session

Imagine you're in week 6 of a grueling marathon training schedule and your awesome wife or hubby hands you a prepaid gift certificate for a sports massage. They researched the perfect sports spa to ease those aching muscles. That feeling of awesomeness can be the perfect gift. Well here's your opportunity to roll it up, wrap it and give it away. And maybe then they will overlook that dent you left in the side of the family car.

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5. Running Shoes

Comfy running shoes can make all the difference when it comes to preventing painful blisters. Make sure you doublecheck the shoe size by digging around your partner's closet.



6. Active Day Trip

Sometimes a perfect day outdoors can be a gift you remember for years. Hiking in a beautiful state park, kayaking down the Delaware river, a surfing class, or trapeze lessons--seriously, done it and loved it--are great day trip ideas. Sites like make giving a gift of this type that much easier. But here is a warning. It takes some understanding of whom will receive this gift. For example, do not take a person who cannot swim to a surfing class. We’re thinking it won’t go well and probably will lead to an afternoon of white knuckle drifting. Same rule goes for those terrified of heights... skydiving is a bad idea.

7. Healthy Cooking Class

Are you a foodie? Do you know one? Well maybe the best gift is one that excites the palate. For those that love to eat-- and maintain their figure--a healthy cooking lesson can make for an enjoyable day. Usually they are run by professional chefs that can teach you great ways to pack flavor into healthy cooking. This gift is surprisingly easy to arrange. Simply check out one of the lifestyle experience sites or browse through classes offered on craigslist.

8. Smoothie Maker

We have to admit we were not convinced. We just thought these gadgets were overrated. That is until we were given a magic bullet. It is an ideal gift for an active guy or gal looking to pack more nutrition into their diet. The only caveat with this gift is if you buy it for your spouse, you're likely to use it as much as them. So maybe it can be your couple's gifts to yourselves.

9. Stylish activewear

Stylish clothing is not just a gift for her. Guys like fitness gear too. It can be a great gift for any active spouse or best friend. Yoga pants, running tops, or some other stylish activewear can really put a smile on his (or her) face. We suggest combining functionality with soft, comfortable, and funky so your gift stands out from the typical functional workout gear.

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10. Winter running jacket and warm gear

As winter approaches, we all feel the pull of hibernation. That desire to spend a little more time indoors. Our biking routes and outdoor runs get shorter and less frequent. Whether it’s a message to yourself or encouragement for a friend, A warm hat, gloves, jacket, or thermal underwear is a nice way of saying “suck it up buttercup” the brisk cool air awaits.